Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The report server cannot process the report or shared dataset

The report server cannot process the report or shared dataset. The shared data source 'DataSource' for the report server or SharePoint site is not valid. Browse to the server or site and select a shared data source. (rsInvalidDataSourceReference)

1. Click your report file for eg. MyReports(rdl)
 You can see the propertiese left hand side
2. Click the file Data Sources
  a) A custom Ddata source
             Data Source Type  : Microsoft SQL Server
             Connection String : Data Source=myservername; Initial Catalog=DBName
  b) Connect using
    Credentials stored securely in the report server
            User name : myreportlogin
            Password  : mypwd
3. Test Connection
4. Back to report folder and refresh your reports


Balaji Birajdar said...

This is not how we 'fix' the error. You are showing how to remove the shared datasource and use a dedicated datasource for each report. If you want to change the connection string, then you need to go to each report and then change it. Sadly I have 344 reports in my project

SQLDBA said...

Well it was one my issue i found that was right solution for me in that case. If you have 344 reports then you nedd find another solution good luck.

TM said...

did anyone got the solution. I am also facing the same issue

U-Haul Dealer said...

Thanks the solution worked for me... thanks for saving a day worth of efforts for me.